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Becoming A Wrongful Death Lawyer – Job Characteristics & Details You Must Be Aware Of

wrongful death actswrongful death lawyer becomes the primary choice when someone’s death looks suspicious, as in not natural or from their own fault, but from someone else’s fault. No one ever wants to hire a lawyer for such a reason, but the truth is that unexpected situations arise when least expected, hence the necessity of legal help.

What a wrongful death lawyer does

A wrongful death attorney has multiple roles. At first, they’ll try to determine what happened. If it looks like the respective death was caused by someone else, they’ll go into deeper details and try to build a case. They’ll gather all the required evidence from doctors or authorities and try to identify the negligent party. Once all these are done, the lawyer will be able to represent the client in court. Ideally, the lawyer and the negligent party’s insurance company should reach an agreement before getting into court, but this isn’t always the case. Many times, a judge will have to make the final decision.

How to become a wrongful death lawyer

Becoming a wrongful death lawyer is similar to becoming a general lawyer. The steps are the same and imply graduating from a college first. Subjects are irrelevant. It helps if you study something related to wrongful death law, but any Bachelor’s degree will do – ideal for those who want a career change. Once graduated, it’s necessary to enroll in a law school. You’ll have to choose the specialization and study all the aspects of wrongful death. Gaining some experience will open a lot of doors. It’s imperative to do it before graduation, so join seminars or internships as you study.

Pros and cons of being a wrongful death lawyer

Being a wrongful death lawyer and winning a case will bring a huge level of satisfaction. The deceased victim’s family is already shuttered after such a great loss. Helping them get back on track without suffering from lack of finances will make you the happiest person in the world. A wrongful death can be worth hundreds of thousands (even millions), so the pay is good as well.

As for drawbacks, job continuity is not as common as for other specializations. Furthermore, wrongful death attorneys will have to deal with people whose hearts are broken. There will be deep emotions affecting each case in particular.

Salaries of wrongful death lawyers

On average, a wrongful death lawyer makes about $95,000 a year. Salaries are based on the difficulty of a case, as well as the location. In some states, a lawyer can make up to $500,000 a year. Of course, salaries also depend on the lawyer’s reputation. Wrongful deaths can occur in different circumstances and each of them will have a different outcome in terms of finances.


As a short final conclusion, wrongful death lawyers are quite common. No one ever wants to need such a lawyer, but unexpected situations occur out of nowhere. Settling with whatever an insurance company decides to pay is a bad idea, so victims’ families will always have to rely on legal help.