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Types Of Lawyers In Demand – What Are The Most Attractive Opportunities In The Long Run?

April 7, 2018

types of lawyers listedBeing a lawyer is a general way to say it. There are dozens of different specializations, as well as different job opportunities, future growth, salaries, particular types of lawyers in demand and so on. Believe it or not, many law graduates fail to research the best fields of law to practice before starting to study. They end up going with one specialization that looks attractive, takes an internship and then… They just realize that in today’s job market, careers for the respective specialization are limited, so their prospects of landing a job are close to none.

The necessity of a switch

On another note, there’s also the possibility to land a job without knowing what to expect. Work becomes too intense for what you can take, as well as quite grueling. In any of these situations, the necessity of a change becomes obvious.

However, many students actually bother to do their homework upfront. So, what type of lawyer should I be? This is the first question to ask yourself. There are numerous factors to take in consideration, such as your passion, hobbies, natural skills, skills you can learn, the amount of work needed and even the job opportunities or salaries. Once you have all these covered, you can finally make a decision.

Whether you have already made a mistake or you don’t want to make one, researching the types of lawyers in demand is by far your best idea. And when it comes to research, don’t research the current market, but also the future predictions. A specific industry might be appealing and in demand today, but what about 10 years from now?

Now, what are the most in-demand lawyers on today’s market?

Considering corporate lawyers

Business law is a comprehensive topic that covers a series of aspects. If you plan to be a general business lawyer, chances are you’ll have to deal with taxes on a yearly basis, as well as drafting contracts and potential claims. The corporate law goes to another level though. At this stage, you’ll also have to deal with acquisitions and mergers. You’re talking about handling millions. In a world where everything relates to business and corporations gain more and more notoriety, this is certainly an interesting idea for the future.

It’s worth noting that some corporate lawyers focus on various specializations. A large company will most likely have more lawyers – each of them designated for a particular task. As you can see, an even corporate law has some sub-specializations that you can become an expert in.

It’s hard to tell which specialization will be better because different law firms have different necessities. Therefore, just research what you might want to do and find out whether it’s worth it or not.

Considering employment and labor lawyers

Today’s society will never function without the concept of a business – from basic needs like food to more individualized needs like transportation. Businesses exist for thousands of years and they’ll keep going. Some of them remain at a low stage – family businesses. Most others will grow and expand, which means they’ll keep hiring people.

With this aspect in mind, it’s obvious that employment and labor lawyers will always be in demand. Their popularity keeps growing as employees have never been more aware of their rights, not to mention the modern ways to interpret the law. You don’t have to be familiar with all the amendments regarding an employee’s rights though, but just learn them during your specialization.

This career can go in two different directions. For example, large companies will always require at least one employment and labor worker. They need professional contracts and a full protection against potential claims. Even if unexpected situations occur, they need a lawyer to counterattack and solve the issue. On another hand, these lawyers also work for the people. You don’t always have to work for a company, but also for organizations that promote employees’ protection and rights.

Considering family lawyers

Family law is by far one of the most in-demand law fields. Family issues have always been a problem. Bad things happen. Even if everything looks good in the beginning, people can change, not to mention specific circumstances that can tear a family apart. This legal field is challenging because it involves plenty of responsibility. Think about harsh divorces, but most importantly, consider child custody. Last wills may also raise a series of issues among family members.

A family lawyer will not necessarily have to wait until a family tears apart to get a job. Many of them are hired for prenuptial agreements as well, so your options are quite diversified.

In terms of personal finances, it might be challenging to get a reputation for yourself. It takes time, but it’s doable. However, there are plenty of family law firms looking to hire – a great opportunity for new graduates.

Considering finance and securities lawyers

Finance and security lawyers may not count among the most common careers out there, but they’re definitely worth some attention. From all the lawyer careers out there, this one might have the most specific and detailed area of expertise. Simply put, this lawyer will most commonly deal with banking issues. Just like the law field, the banking industry can be quite diversified, hence the necessity of some further education and research. While some banks hire finance and securities lawyers only when they need a hand, most of them will have at least a few professionals working round the clock for maintenance and unexpected situations.

Banks are not everything though. Such a lawyer will work for large companies buying and selling stocks too. Plus, you might have to deal with the SEC or IRS too, especially when it comes to complaints.


In the end, the lawyer careers for those who are not sure can be quite diversified. Some of them are better than others because they might provide a higher job security. Also, keep in mind that despite having a specialization, you can help with whatever legal matters a client might have. These are just the most attractive specializations for those who consider the long-term future.