Lawyer Similar Professions – What Legal Opportunities Do You Have?

April 6, 2018

barrister judge and lawyer having coversationBeing a lawyer is certainly not the one and only career you can get in this industry. In fact, once you graduate from the law school, chances are you’ll end up with plenty of opportunities. It’s imperative to make up your mind before you choose a specialization or you decide on the path you want to take, but then, unexpected situations arise when least expected – you find better-paid opportunities, you change your mind, you find lawyer similar professions to be more attractive and so on. Sure, there are types of lawyers that make the most money, but what if you’re not specialized in one of those fields? Now, what are the most popular alternatives that can bring you a stable income?

Becoming a barrister

Barristers are extremely popular in the legal field and their job can sometimes be easier when compared to a lawyer’s attributions. Generally speaking, these law professionals are legal advisers, yet they also profess as courtroom advocates. They provide legal solutions and arguments to magistrates, as well as juries and even judges. Based on the case, they have the capability to examine witnesses too. In other words, they have enough “power” to actually push the outcome of a case in a completely different direction.

In terms of people, they don’t usually get in touch with the public. Therefore, when working in a court, they are normally instructed by solicitors to do so.

Becoming a judge

Judges represent a special category of law professionals. From all the legal careers out there, being a judge brings in plenty of responsibility. They can dictate cases. They can send someone to jail if they feel like the defendant deserves that. Unless you’re ready to work under pressure, this job isn’t for you. It requires cold blood and an objective point of view. Furthermore, judges have the power to appoint solicitors and barristers.

Becoming a judge is not as easy as it seems. While there are certain specializations for it, candidates are usually selected on merit.

Becoming a legal executive

Legal executives represent a unique type of career due to its opportunities. In other words, both graduates and non-graduates can become legal executives. You can work in a legal office even if you haven’t graduated yet – even if you’re not attending a law school. However, most employers will look for someone with education, of course. Legal executives gain the opportunity to qualify as solicitors at a later time if they want to. They need to take vocational training though.

The process is time-consuming and extremely challenging, but it’s excellent for those who haven’t graduated yet, as they can earn some money while studying.

Becoming a legal cashier

Legal cashiers don’t require plenty of education and experience. Normally, they work along with solicitors. From some points of view, they are referred to as assistants. Their primary role is to keep financial records of various cases. At the same time, they need to keep solicitors updated on the financial situation of the company. They usually do a similar job to accountants.

Becoming a researcher

Researchers are among the jobs in the legal field that pay well, yet this career requires plenty of work and flexibility. However, it’s worth noting that you’re less likely to be a researcher forever. These opportunities usually last one year. Research assistants are recruited, so it’s not like you can become one by taking a course. Once recruited, they work on legal reviews, but they also reform projects.

Becoming a law costs draftsman

Law costs draftsmen work in finances. While they do work for law firms, their role is to ensure clients are charged responsible for the work. Their role becomes more challenging when they have to handle costs between two different legal professionals at the end of a more sophisticated case. There are countless factors to take in consideration for a good result.

Law costs draftsmen can represent clients in court too, but only when the problem is related to costs. In order to work in this field, you’ll have to take a basic course.

Becoming an usher

When checking the list of careers in law, ushers represent an attractive opportunity. Their duties are quite diversified, yet they can be seen as assistants. As an usher, you have to work with the judge. You escort the judge, but you also prepare the courtroom prior to opening, not to mention closing it. Responsibilities go further than that. For example, you’ll need to prepare lists for the court, as well as obtaining names of lawyers or attorneys, handling exhibits and so on. Vacancies are limited given the limited amount of courts and judges.

Becoming a legal secretary

Legal secretaries have a pretty obvious job – providing secretarial support. They work with courts, barristers, and solicitors. Their main duty is to prepare documents, so their job can be quite stressful. There are huge amounts of correspondence targeting legal secretaries on a daily basis and everything must be updated as quickly as possible. In order to be a legal secretary, you have to understand how to read and interpret legal documents.

Becoming a paralegal

Paralegals normally assist lawyers. Based on their education, they can also take some work over from lawyers, but they’re not qualified to deal with clients and provide advice. Duties vary widely depending on the lawyer’s specialization and cases. Practically, everything is related to the lawyer. Some of the most common duties include drafting documents, researching, attending meetings with clients (but without offering legal assistance) and managing documents. Simply put, two different lawyers may give their paralegals completely different projects to handle.


As a short final conclusion, there are plenty of legal opportunities for those who want to work in this field. Some of them pay better than others. Also, tasks and duties vary widely. Finding a job can be challenging, yet it depends on the career you choose. Some jobs are never advertised, as potential candidates are simply recruited. All in all, as long as it can match your needs, it’s obviously a good idea to research a particular opportunity.