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Lawyer Job Growth – Unveiling The Job Outlook For Lawyers In The Upcoming Years

April 7, 2018

lawyers waiting for interview

The lawyer job growth for the upcoming years is one of the primary concerns among those who plan to enroll in a law school. Being a lawyer can be a rewarding career with numerous opportunities. There are dozens of specializations, as well as job opportunities. The industry is in a continuous change due to various interpretations of laws, as well as the addition of new laws and the possibility to challenge old laws. For this reason, the lawyer number of jobs is constantly growing.

Importance of educating yourself

However, there might be certain limitations as well. Plus, some specializations are better rated than others. According to lawyer statistics, certain categories like personal injury, family, and employment lawyers are more popular than others. Apart from future lawyer career outlook, it’s worth analyzing salaries as well.

Considering the lawyer job outlook 2020

Is lawyer a good career? That’s what most aspiring graduates want to know before engaging in such a challenge. By 2020, the lawyer employment is projected to grow by 6%. By 2026, analysts predict a growth of up to 10% for most legal professions and only 9% for lawyers. After all, a lawyer is someone who graduates from a law school. Other professions imply taking additional education, so they’re better rated.

There are, indeed, other occupations and industries projected to grow faster, but the law is not too much behind. Legal services have never been more popular. People are more aware of their rights, while more and more situations are solved in courts. Therefore, the demand for legal work will only go up. Businesses, individuals, and even the government will need legal services in a plethora of areas.

Despite this obvious growth, it’s worth noting that the price competition has also become quite harsh. Over the next 10 years, many law companies might have to rethink their legal necessities, as well as staffing needs. Why? Easy – to reduce costs to their clients.

projected growth of lawyer jobs graphprojected growth of lawyer jobs graphAlthough the need for legal help is mandatory, chances are clients try their best to reduce their legal expenses. They demand inexpensive rates simply by focusing on less professional help at a lower rate. For instance, work that was originally handled by lawyers can now be taken over by legal assistants too, not to mention paralegals. Furthermore, some general work can also be outsourced overseas to cheaper countries.

projected growth of lawyer jobs graphLaw firms will most likely remain the main employers. In the attempt to cut costs, large corporations choose to hire their own in-house legal professionals. Hiring a legal team for regular projects can be extremely expensive for companies. It’s simply cheaper to just switch to an in-house department. Although some lawyers might find it difficult to join law firms, the good news is they have other opportunities as well. Job security will rise too since they can now work for insurance companies, consulting firms, and even banks. The corporate lawyer job outlook looks promising then.

Governmental jobs will also maintain their popularity. The government will keep hiring lawyers to handle cases on behalf of the country, regardless of the crime. Most commonly, these opportunities will target cases that imply collecting money owed to the government. Simply put, the lawyer growth rate will inevitably go along with these needs.

As for drawbacks, the lawyer occupational outlook covers the harsh competition too. It will be strong. Given the positive parts of this career, it’s easy to tell that more and more students focus on law schools. In fact, there are more graduates than jobs on a yearly basis. Many graduates fail to find permanent jobs, so they try self-employment ventures or they’re just content with temporary jobs for a while. It’s not a bad idea though. After all, new lawyers can get some temporary income while also gaining skills and experience.

Given the exquisite competition and the lawyer job demand, analysts have observed a growing trend among new graduates – the will to relocate for jobs. Some of them relocate to larger cities, while others go to other states. But then, to be licensed in other states or countries, you might need to take additional tests. It’s worth noting that big cities are overwhelmed by new lawyers, so don’t be surprised to find good job opportunities in small communities. Now, what is the job outlook for a lawyer in small towns? Surprisingly for many, it’s even better than in large cities.

Opportunities to keep moving ahead

It’s important to know that those newly graduated lawyers will not necessarily start hard. In fact, they’ll be trainees and associates. They will work with experienced lawyers, so they’ll also perform as assistants. It’s just part of the game – nothing to be embarrassed about. This is a great opportunity to show some skills and dedication. Some lawyers will always work in better lawyers’ shadows. They will never be able to grow. The ones willing to go further will most likely be admitted to partnerships. In other words, they can own small parts of the respective firms.

When they think they’re experienced enough, some lawyers may take a different path. For instance, they can go into practice as self-employed professionals. They’ll have their own offices. Others simply reach for the legal departments of various corporations. Working for a large firm guarantees for a continuous income. Self-employed lawyers may have some “dry” periods as well, yet it depends on their reputation. Keep in mind that finding an in-house job is extremely hard without any experience, so don’t expect to get one as soon as you graduate.

Finally, a tiny amount of lawyers are appointed as judges.


In conclusion, being a lawyer can be tricky. What is the employment outlook for a lawyer? It definitely looks good. It can provide job security as well. But before getting there, there are multiple steps to go through, as well as numerous challenges. Apart from graduating from a law school, finding a job will be stressful. Luckily, there are different opportunities to try out, whether you want to work for yourself or a large corporation.