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What It Takes To Be An Industrial Accident Lawyer – What You Have To Know

labour law bookAn industrial accident lawyer becomes the optimal choice in case of unexpected injuries occurring in a workplace. From some points of view, a work injury lawyer might have to do the same work as a personal injury lawyer, but with an obvious limitation – injuries must occur at work, not in other environments.

What an industrial accident lawyer does

Generally speaking, an industrial accident lawyer will be responsible for filing lawsuits against the companies or persons responsible for the respective injuries. Most commonly, these actions have an impact on insurance companies, which try their best to pay as little as possible. Apart from gathering evidence and papers to build a solid case, the lawyer makes sure the victim has the best shot at gaining the proper compensation. Sometimes, these cases are sorted before actually reaching the court. There is a round of negotiations with the company or its insurance firm in the attempt to find a common solution.

How to become an industrial accident lawyer

There are three steps to becoming an industrial accident lawyer. It all starts with the college. Ideally, you should take a course in social or political topics. Psychology is just as handy. Enrolling in a law school is the next step. This is where the actual training takes place. Focus on industrial accident law and choose your specialization wisely. During the last years of education, it pays off trying to gain some experience too. The final Bar examination will give you the opportunity to profess and actually get to work. You’ll gain the possibility to represent people in court as well.

Pros and cons of being an industrial accident lawyer

If helping people is your thing, becoming a work injury attorney is definitely for you. You’ll help people get the optimal compensation to help their families. Without you, they risk ruining their lives – no money for mortgages, no incomes and so on. Other than that, this specialization ensures job security, as there will always be work-related accidents.

On a side note, dealing with victims implies dealing with emotional cases as well. You better get ready to face emotional stress, so you must be strong enough to stay objective and professional.

Salaries of industrial accident lawyers

Salaries of industrial accident lawyers range between $50,000 and $200,000 a year. On average, a construction accident lawyer makes about $80,000 a year. Self-employed lawyers get more money off a case, yet they don’t have continuity in work. On the other hand, those working for law firms have a stable income, but it’s lower. It’s hard to tell which option is better, as it depends on what kind of cases you’d get if you’d be self-employed.


In conclusion, industrial accident lawyers are in big demand these days. Such accidents can occur anywhere, from bars and restaurants to warehouses and construction sites. Industrial accidents are usually more severe and may even involve deaths. A lawyer’s job is tedious, while each case might take weeks to solve, but the level of satisfaction is priceless.