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Find A Lawyer in USA – The Most Convenient Ways To Find The Right Lawyer

April 7, 2018

laptop ready to search for the lawyer

Those trying to find a lawyer will certainly find no shortage of talent and experience, as there are plenty of professionals out there specialized in all areas of law. Believe it or not, the USA has about 70% of all the lawyers in the world. There is a lawyer for every 200 residents, so trying to find a lawyer USA is not hard. But then, finding the right lawyer is no easy task, since the specialization is mandatory, as well as the level of experience. So, what are the most popular ways to find an expert?

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is by far the easiest way to find a lawyer. When in need of a lawyer, most people will ask their friends and family if they know anyone. It’s much easier because they get an honest review from someone who they trust, rather than just hiring a random lawyer. Friends and family have literally no vested interest in suggesting a particular attorney. If they have had any experience with their recommendation in the past, they can easily unveil the positives or problems they had. Even if they can’t make a solid recommendation, at least they can tell people who are not good enough for them. A negative recommendation is still a recommendation after all.

It might be tempting to hire a friend for this job, although it’s not the best idea. Some people would choose a friend even if they’re not specialized in what they need – terrible idea due to the lack of experience, which cannot compensate for the friendly relationship.

Local Bar associations

When nothing seems to work, a local Bar association can easily recommend plenty of lawyers, regardless of the specialization. There are both city and country Bar Associations. They provide referral services, yet the one looking for legal help will still have to research the respective names. Keep in mind that most Bar associations will only recommend professionals – sounds great! However, they will not screen for qualifications. Therefore, further research on the lawyer’s experience and previous cases is still necessary.

Other lawyers

Many people rely on lawyers in their local communities to find lawyers specialized in what they need to help with. Legal circles are quite small in certain communities. Therefore, most lawyers will be able to recommend other lawyers based on specialization. Another good news is that lawyers are aware of others’ reputation in specific fields. It’s worth noting that some lawyers get small fees when they make recommendations, so further research is still important.

The Internet

Finally, there are plenty of nonprofit directories that can help people find lawyers. The lawyer online is the lawyer in real life as well. However, these lawyers usually sign up themselves. No one bothers to screen their reputation or qualifications, hence the necessity of research.


In conclusion, finding a lawyer in the USA is not hard. It takes some time, but there are numerous options to help those in need. For most of these options, proper screening is mandatory to ensure a good decision.