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Car & Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – What To Know About This Specialization

car accident lawyer on dutycar and motorcycle accident lawyer is practically a personal injury lawyer specialized in accidents. Compared to other types of lawyers, an auto accident lawyer may have more work in their portfolio, as well as higher job security. After all, these are some of the most common cases in courts these days.

What an auto accident lawyer does

A car or motorcycle accident lawyer focuses their practice on cases related to injuries. These injuries are usually physical, but they can also be psychological – such as a shock. Most commonly, they’re caused by negligent drivers, whether drunk or just inexperienced. Their main role is to make sure that their customers’ rights are respected in the smallest details, while their customers also receive the right settlement. An accident can affect the victim in multiple ways – lost wages, lost income, medical bills, and even long-term treatment costs, not to mention the psychological impact.

How to become a car and motorcycle accident lawyer

Becoming a truck accident lawyer implies getting an undergraduate degree first. Keep in mind that joining a law school implies having a Bachelor’s degree. Most schools will accept studies from any field though – excellent for those who want a career change. When it comes to choosing the specialization, the aspirant should focus on personal injury and then track accidents. It does pay off joining mock trials hosted by schools or institutions. These trials allow students to spend quality time with experienced lawyers and familiarize themselves with proceedings in courts.

Pros and cons of being an auto accident lawyer

Job security is one of the main reasons wherefore lawyers choose this specialization. As long as cars dominate the roads, there will always be accidents. Apart from the financial aspect, the satisfaction of helping a victim in need is priceless. The harder the trial is, the higher the satisfaction.

On a negative side, preparing a case takes time. There are numerous factors to consider. Plus, a motorcycle accident lawyer will have to wait for the victim to heal in order to know precisely what a fair settlement would be like, so each case will demand weeks or even months.

Salaries of track, cars and motorcycles accident lawyers

The average salary for a car or motorcycle accident lawyer is $80,000. It varies widely between $50,000 and $150,000 though. Most of these lawyers are paid on a contingency basis – no win, no fee. Plus, they charge a percentage of the actual compensation, so it definitely depends on the type of cases they get. Bonuses and commissions can also go up to another $50,000. Most lawyers have full-time jobs in larger firms though, rather than working for themselves.


In the end, it makes no difference if the accident implies physical damage or it’s a simple accident without the injury – car and motorcycle accident lawyers will always be in high demand. This specialization provides new challenges every day, as lawyers never know what to expect from their next cases.